About the Used Textbook Association

The Used Textbook Association leads the advocacy campaign for affordable textbooks and stresses the value of used textbooks for students.

UTA Mission is: To advocate the role and value of used textbooks in the marketplace and is working toward a marketplace solution to the problem of textbook affordability while still providing students with high-quality educational materials.

In 2006, the association was founded by a group of textbook wholesalers who saw a need to take action regarding challenges to our industry and speak on behalf of the industry. In 2010 the organization's leadership transitioned from the founding members to the bookstores we represent.

We're working together with bookstores to advance our mission:

  • To help students and the marketplace to understand the true cost of textbooks. Read more
  • To help foster more timely adoptions by faculty members. Read more
  • To increase the overall supply of used textbooks. Read more
  • To engage directly with influencers and policy setters. Read more

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Stacey Douglas, UTA Executive Director


7375 Day Creek Boulevard, Suite 103-211

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739



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