The Used Textbook Association focuses on the importance of used textbooks, particularly the need for affordable textbooks for students. We are here to help you explain how to grow the used textbook supply for your bookstore with help from your faculty. We can help you send a strong message to faculty and administration with our marketing tools. You can simultaneously use our tools to send a powerful message of savings and value to students.

The UTA brings you the information you need to be successful in your bookstore. Our participation in industry discussions helps you meet the needs of your students and faculty.

We are working on behalf of our membership through a variety of initiatives. Read more about how we are fulfilling our objective and visit this section for industry information and important facts.

You can also find out how we're working with industry influencers and other third parties on challenges facing the industry.

Faculty adoption

Keeping used textbooks available depends heavily on the timely decisions of faculty members. Learn more about educating faculty on the importance of their role in the textbook adoption process.


Proactive measures by your bookstore can help reduce tactics that drive textbook prices higher. Learn the strategies you can employ.


Publisher merchandising techniques inflate the cost of textbooks. View additional facts on the subject.